Religion a.k.a Prozium

After the world war 3, the survivors realized that mankind will not be able to survive another world war, and started searching for the root cause which lead humans to war. A disease was found out in every single human which they suspected as the reason for hatred anger and war, and it was the human emotions.

A drug was designed to be injected to a human at a particular time interval, which suppressed emotional feelings of a human and restricted his thoughts, which confined the freedom of his intellect, and the drug was called Prozium

This was the plot of a Hollywood movie, Equilibrium.

Injected into a baby before he/she had the first thoughts, dropped into the cage with rules written by someone, which no one dares to question and believe blindly without any doubts. The religion evolved to  Prozium of the humanity.

His three greatest weaknesses Fear, Desire and Hope were turned as the greatest weapons against him, and the only one who could unleash its powers was the one who was using it against him, and that was no one but  he himself.

Planted as a seed, budding along with his consciousness, its roots pervaded deep, much more than what his memories could see and became much stronger than what his heart could dream.

Slowly when most of the mankind was blinded and controlled by religion, few people felt there was something wrong with the system, this could not be the truth. They started looking towards the truth, and opened up their eyes to get a glimpse of reality, and they evolved into two groups. The first group continued their search for truth and tried to pass it on to others , bring more out of the blindness and they became the Philosophers. While the second group realized the boundless powers of religion and considered it as their magic wand which could control the blinded civilization, and they became the Religious leaders.

Most of the humanity, started following religious leaders, while a few sought for the knowledge of the philosophers. Humans never cared truth, rather they ignored reality, they ignored illusion too. All that mattered to them was shortcuts and easiness, and that was what religious leaders could offer in plenty adding hope which drove their desires , and they became stronger than the truth.

When the philosophers died, the leaders converted them into gods, created new religions on them and instilled more and more blindness into their hearts and minds which passed on to generations and spread ruthlessly than a plague. Eventually people forgot Gods, they forgot what their Gods said, all that they had was religion and the leaders.And the surface of the earth filled with civilization which gave away their unique and innate power to think, which made them superior to all other life forms.. to their leaders and the books they gave them.

We live a happy life, as the superior life form on the planet, injecting Prozium, and enjoying the comfort and safety it gives. And we are called  The Civilized Humans.


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