I believed in liberation
I believed in freedom
i believed everyone and everything should have liberation and freedom
Once i was walking through a forest
And when the sun stepped out of the stage for the moon
I planned to set my tent
Struck the nails deep in the soil
tied the rope tightly
and made sure my tent is strong
Feeling secured,  i slept inside
With a smile on my face.
Another traveler
Who believed in liberation
Who believed in freedom
who believed everyone and everything should have liberation and freedom
Walked in the same path,
Saw the chained rope
Saw the drilled down nails
Heard their mourns
He gave them freedom
I woke up in the middle of the night
Looking at the free nails and rope
Trying to find a smile on their face

a journey

I was walking without a destination,  got into the first bus which came in front of me and took a ticket to the last stop –  Traveller me

The roads were smooth, and there was no much rush, I got a window seat and started enjoying the scenery. Slowly I started noticing the paintings between the clouds –  Poet me

Soon people rushed in and I was squeezed to a corner.  A girl standing in a corner was giving me glimpses of smile.  By the time my confused mind decided to smile back at her,  she got down –  Stupid me

It was getting darker and colder.  The chilling wind was trying to poke my spines and I was enjoying it.  I opened the window more to enjoy the cold. Suddenly someone sitting near me poked me and I saw three other people sitting near me was looking at me with a ‘Me Gusta’ face.  “please close the window, it’s very cold ” someone told.  They were suffering because of me. –  Selfish me

I sacrificed my fun and closed the window –  Noble me

It was getting darker and stars were shining brighter.  All the lights were turned off and everyone was sleeping.  I was sitting with my eyes wide open –  Anarchist me

The smooth roads were over and it was all filled with gutter and sharp turns.  The stranger sitting near me was sleeping with his head on my shoulder.  I didn’t move so that his sleep is not disturbed – Philanthropist me

The journey of the bus came to an end.  Every one started moving towards their destiny. I got into another bus in front of me –  Nomad me

The journey continues